Sharing the Overflow


Photography can be a very revealing part of who a person is. Over the years of teaching workshops, I have asked folks what their favorite subjects are or... what type of photographs do they enjoy most. Many say they just like nature in general, but once they examine their photographs over a period of time, they discover that there were certain things that they were drawn to whether it be barns, bears, or moods of changing weather. There is some evidence of who we are in what motivates us to try and capture what we see. A desire to share what we see can be motivated by ego, emotion, enthusiasm... even a deeper interest in sharing something that has impacted the one who "pushed the button."

In taking that thought to my own photos over the past few months, I find myself beside (sometimes within) all sizes of streams and rivers. Recently I stood in the overflow of a deep, beautiful pool of water fed by a steady stream from a pure waterfall. The past few months of my life have been about "being poured into," being "pooled up," and being called to share the "overflow." Age doesn't necessarily change our hearts but standing in the "deep waters" and being fed by the "pure stream" sure prompts the heart to want to share the experience.

I'm not trying to "drown" anyone in deep subjects, but every picture does tell a story and that's what I want to be about. 

Ken Jenkins
Ken Jenkins