Road Signs

Road Sign

Several years ago, I was driving along a very remote, gravel road in the backcountry of Alaska. The sun was in and out as a snow storm threatened this area of open tundra and rugged mountains. I came to the base of a high ridge and looked up as the road switched back and forth to the top. The road was rough, the ruts were deep, and the incline was very steep. Just as I considered turning back, I saw a road sign to my left and at the beginning of the climb. It indicated the curvy switchbacks and the near straight up path ahead. But the real surprise (aside from there even being a road sign in this isolated area) was that while I glanced at the sign, a Gyrfalcon landed right on the tip of it!

Today is a date where our emotions are high and we sense how shaken we were on this date just a few years ago. As I looked for something to say and share, I came to this signpost and it spoke volumes to me about where we are as Americans. There will be much said about history today but the answer is always in "His Story.” Scripture not only suggests, but promises, that our journey is upward, tough, and filled with curves and ruts. Jesus said, "Take up your cross and follow Me." We can focus on the curves or focus on the certainties. I like the victorious stand of that falcon... wings out, backlit in the sunlight, and steady as he perches unshakable. Make your own application, but I am convinced that... if we wake up and keep following upward and onward, we will reach the pinnacle of our goal and the greatest satisfaction will be in the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Ken Jenkins
Ken Jenkins