Illustrated Principles

Early in my photographic career, I went up into the mountains one evening during a summer rain shower. My intent was to watch the front as it passed over the Smokies and possibly enjoy a beautiful sunset in the lingering mist and clouds. This was a transitional time in my life…one of those periods when questions outweigh answers. I sought the solace of quiet places.

As I reached the high country and rain tapped the surface of the vegetation, I walked to a favorite overlook where layers of mountains extended from east to west. The smells after the rain were rich and sweet. The air was clean and cool and the sounds of swollen streams in the valley combined like a beautiful symphony with an assortment of birds in the forest canopy. A section of the sky brightened and two very distinct beams protruded through the clouds and warmed a section in the valley with golden light.

To me, faith in Jesus Christ is believing in who He is, what He did, and everything that He promised and I need no visible evidence to confirm that truth. God has always done all that He has promised, regardless of the circumstances. However, without prompting and completely unannounced, occasionally God does give a glimpse of confirmation and assurance within the beauty of His creation. Perhaps this evening display was His way of calming my soul and reminding me that no matter how dark the storm or loud the thunder, He is there and He cares about the things that concern me.

The message of Heaven’s Eyes is simply that. It is the name of our recent 4,000 square foot gallery which emphasizes the inspirational theme of all that I believe in. It is the foundation of the speaking that I do around the country. I have over thirty programs on trust, discernment, godliness, and many other scriptural themes. I use my photography as a background to illustrate biblical truths. I have shared these to large and small groups in many denominations and a variety of settings from the sanctuary of First Baptist Atlanta to the Women’s Maximum Security Prison in Nashville. Lastly, Heaven’s Eyes is a series of publications that I have developed to encourage those who want to surround themselves with a combination of what God has made and what He has said. Every cent of the profit from Heaven’s Eyes goes back into the effort to share with as many people in as many places as is possible.

Of all of the things that I am blessed to do, nothing compares with the joy and privilege that I have been given to share my faith. I will go any where…any time that there is an opportunity. Please contact me at and I can further explain my message and send out a DVD with references.