About Ken

Ken Jenkins Photography
I grew up in Newport, Tennessee, a small town at the foothills to the Great Smoky Mountains. I have always been very proud to be from that area. Some of the finest people I have ever met live there. I spent my early years around folks that care about each other, work very hard, and encourage each other...people that love their country, trust in God, and want for very little.

I was never without work from the time I was 12 years of age. My outdoor interests were keen as far back as I can remember. My mother and father and brother camped and hiked in the mountains all my young life. We loaded the station wagon every summer and crossed the country on a shoestring budget. I was in Scouts until I was eighteen and received my Eagle Scout rank. As I look back to those years, I can clearly see that my early locations, associations, and vocations all led to this great pursuit of photographing wildlife and everything else that nature presents.

I had a camera as early as 12 years of age and began to get real serious about my photography in my early twenties. After all of these years, I still get just as excited when I am watching a bear or a beaver as I did when I was young. The joy of watching and experiencing and learning has always been superior to the recording of that subject.

My first book (if you could call 28 pages of text and photos a book) came out in 1983. It was titled "A Walk With the Smoky Mountain Bears". Soon to follow was "Bathed In Glory" a photo essay book on the Cades Cove region of the Smokies. Later on, I wrote a series of wildlife books called "The Wilderness World of…Baby Bears", "…of River Otters", "…of White-tailed Deer", "…of Baby Raccoons". My first coffee table book was published by Graphic Arts Center Publishing in 1993 and was titled, "Great Smoky Mountains National Park". Later titles were Reflections of the Grizzly, Reflections of the Wolf, and Reflections of the Black Bear.

We began Pathways to Nature Publishing in the early 90's and released an assortment of note cards, posters, journals, and other photographic pieces. It has been a wonderful pursuit traveling around this wonderful world and recording the beauty of God's hand. My favorite areas are in the Far North because of the untouched beauty and abundance of wildlife. I spend time in twelve different national parks each year along with many days along America's rivers all for a special sixteen year relationship with a corporate client. I climb all over my beloved Smokies where I live on the edge of the park. I have many projects that involve the scenes and subjects in the Great Smoky Mountains. Many, many days are spent with wildlife of various species.

My great passion is in the world of birds. They fascinate me and teach me and I love to watch birds more than anything else I observe. I read extensively and especially the old writers of the 19th and early 20th centuries. In addition to all of the above, I work a lot at the publishing warehouse, the galleries, and the stock photography business. I like to work because everything that I do reminds me of something positive and wonderful in my life. I am the most transparent and approachable person that I can be. I have no reason to be otherwise. All that I have and all that I am is a gift and I sure am thankful for it. Stay in touch at ken@kenjenkins.com.