Tough Going Creek


A few years ago, my friend, Roger Trentham, and I had discovered a new stream and couldn't locate it on the map. We decided to call it Bushwhack Creek, for obvious reasons.

This past weekend, I made a similar discovery that I have not yet located on the map, but it was so tough going that I'm calling it "Tough Going Creek" least for now. I had been warned against rattlesnakes. The approach is to drop down a vertical slope on either side of a canyon. And, from that point, you just scratch and claw your way upward.

Of course, this reminded me of a life lesson, as is often the case. Very likely we have all fought our way up "Tough Going Creek.” We were warned that the going would be tough and that the way up is to first come down. And, yes, we know the rattlesnakes are there, but we don't look for them. We just keep focused on the goal. So, on those days when you scratch and claw your way along "Tough Going Creek,” just know that there is a reward for those who stay focused, give their all, and who never, never quit.

Ken Jenkins
Ken Jenkins