His Light


Quite often as the day ends I go to one of several places here in the Smokies where I can get quiet and gather my thoughts as the last light fades through the trees. This was the case this past Saturday evening as I drove a familiar road and walked down along the river for a ways. I sat on a favorite rock and the cool air off the water was a type of therapy after a very full and warm day.  

As I thought and prayed for several friends going through some difficult seasons in their lives, it became very dark and I knew I should start back... but I lingered.  

In just a few minutes a single burst of light filled an opening in the trees and the light sent rays of color across the river and to the rock I was propped on. The light became brighter and formed a starburst of gold and orange, and I quickly set up my camera and tried to record the scene as it appeared.

After a couple of attempts I sat back down and thought about what had just happened. Ultimately, I was reassured that there exists no darkness that His "Light" cannot dispel. Possibly the "Light" was a "punctuation mark" on my prayers. When David was thanking God for carrying him through a most difficult time, he said, "For Thou art my lamp, O Lord; And the Lord illumines my darkness." 2 SAM 22:29

Ken Jenkins
Ken Jenkins