The Golden Winged Warbler


Every year at this time I begin to think about the special opportunities that I have had with amazing birds. Soon, many of our visitors will make their migration south after having nested and raised their young. This past spring and summer I watched several species of birds and a few that I had not spent time with before.

One new bird for me was the Golden Winged Warbler (the size of a Black-capped Chickadee). He comes here from Central America. Next month he will fly (mostly from northern states like Minnesota) for 3,000 miles to his winter home. Six hundred miles of that migration will be nonstop over the Gulf of Mexico. Birds fascinate me as I get to know about them. This warbler's numbers have decreased 98% in the Appalachians over the past fifty years. I never pass up an opportunity to watch and learn because that opportunity may not come again.

I recommend "Birds Our Teachers" by John Stott for those of you who recognize the Divine plan for God's creatures.

Ken Jenkins
Ken Jenkins