These Mountains


There are many things about these mountains that can only be understood by getting to know the ole timers up the long, deep hollars. Folks may seem simple (and they are), but they are rich in things that matter like faith in God, love of country, and caring about each other. They haven't lost the art of sitting on the front porch and listening or walking in the woods and taking note of everything around them. Mountain people are shrinking in numbers, but there is a remnant that holds to and shines in tradition and belief. 

Personally, I love these folks. I grew up with them and I migrate to them because there are no pretenses and the door (or porch swing) is always open to those with good intentions and no ulterior motive. 

One tradition that lingers with mountain folks is their love for their dogs. The kind of dog varies from household to household, but the Plott Hound is the companion of choice to many. In every description of this hound there are four characteristics included: bold, alert, intelligent, and loyal. That makes for a perfect match for the best of mountain people because it parallels their own characteristics. I'm thankful for the next generation that holds true to these attributes... generations of people and plotts.

Ken Jenkins
Ken Jenkins